Vivi Ennui Fails

Vivi Ennui: Failed actress, wannabe cult of personality, and bumbling entrepreneur of Mon Ennui Cosmetics, in her own (mean) words.

Only when something tickles our fancy. Despite what Vivi Ennui thinks, we do all have lives here. If anyone has something to say we always encourage them to share it with us.

Surprise, surprise.


Vivi failing on orders again? That won’t be a first or a last but don’t worry, I’m sure she has plenty of excuses from “modeling” to plain ol’ “I’m busy!”

Don’t worry though, here at VEF we’re sure Vivi Ennui took the mature road and didn’t just pass you off.

Or not.

Her Photos Aren’t Watermarked: KatOsu Part II

This submitter is referring to the earlier ViviEnnuiFails post about Vivi Ennui stealing photos from makeup artist and blogger Catherine Gajewsk, aka KatOsu. [Read Here] Vivi Ennui blatantly reposted a KatOsu photo, likely from Beautylish, and told customers via Facebook that the makeup look was a “stunning way to wear Year of the Pig.” The photo only received a few comments, but they were very favorable, and when one reader asked Vivi what other colors were used in the look, her question was ignored. 

Where are these examples of other makeup companies using Mon Ennui Cosmetics photos to help market their own products to customers? Nowhere. And even if that were true, how does this excuse Vivi’s use of the photo or her coy attempt at misleading her customers? Anyone else catch that Vivi just then within a few seconds of responding to the comment, allegedly contacted the original customer to inform her who the photo belonged to?

"It’s Facebook. You really do need to calm down."

The submitter, clearly causing a scene, probably should have calmed down, otherwise Vivi might have responded by simply banning her and deleting all the comments but her own in order to show her customers that, once again, she was being maliciously and unfairly attacked while still leaving an air of mystery as to just how brutal the attack was. Thankfully, Vivi has changed a lot since reopening the store and…

 Oh, well. 

This brings us to another one of Vivi’s telltale signs that she’s not being as honest and open as she always boasts: whenever Vivi does not want to answer a question, she will conveniently ignore it. Vivi could not answer then what additional colors were used, but she did not want to dispel the belief customers had that the look featured a Mon Ennui product. In fact, it did not.

You’re not the first customer to express their outrage about Vivi Ennui’s constant moaning of financial distress and you won’t be the last. Unfortunately so long as her minions keep buying and encouraging her behavior, making excuses, giving money to her that they themselves don’t have, this will continue and over the holidays Vivi will only get more manipulative.

Think of it this way, you didn’t just pay for an extra jar of poorly made makeup, you paid for a little more Gwynnie Bee time.

We Need to Order Lots of Jars and Mailers

"But, we need to order lots of jars and mailers, first."

By submission:

Wait, I thought Vivi was sitting on a couple of grand of product and a lot of new jars that she bought using the money she was supposed to use to cover shipping costs for our orders! What happened to the jars? I know she didn’t get that many orders last week!!

Vivi Ennui might be referring to smaller sample jars and not larger full-size jars. The fun part is going to be to discovering whether Vivi has actually learned anything from her latest failure, or if she will again force customers to bail her out. Vivi’s latest posts show a lot of optimism about the company’s money troubles. Given that Vivi went from having no new orders in her ransom scheme to being almost done packing orders by the weekend, it’s likely she didn’t get very many new orders, and that what few orders she did get was enough to set her back on course.

And what does that mean?

That Vivi very likely exaggerated her financial situation to make customers spend more money in order to receive their orders.